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In a world full of waste, we’re making a difference to the way plastic is recycled.

Our planet is changing, and to address it; we need to do more with less. Which is why it’s our mission to take household plastics, fully recycle them, and then supply the recycled plastic to manufacturers in the UK to help create a greener, more sustainable plastic manufacturing industry.

Bright Green Plastics is leading the change in plastic recycling. We supply up to 40k tonnes per year of British recycled plastic materials to a range of industries including construction, packaging, automotive and horticulture, making us one of Europe’s biggest plastic recycling companies.

Using our unique BrightFusion™ additive, the latest technologies, and our expert knowledge and passion for plastic recycling, we improve the properties of recycled plastic to turn post-consumer materials into recycled pellets and compounds. The finished product? A material similar to virgin polymers in strength, resilience and performance that doesn’t have a negative impact on our planet.

Our facility

Based in Castleford, West Yorkshire, our state-of-the-art plastic recycling plant specialises in PP and HDPE recycling, using a 100% UK-only recycling process including our material recovery facility, wash line and production line with extruders.

Our specialist in-house team of plastic enthusiasts, experts and scientists have over 100 years of combined experience in the plastic recycling industry. We work hard to deliver tangible, practical plastic recycling solutions to our long-standing customers through our innovative approach, technical capabilities, and understanding of the benefits of plastic recycling in creating a more circular economy.

Our clients

We’re currently working with over 50 suppliers and clients globally, including some well-known brands and household names – take a look below. If your business is considering how it can reduce its carbon footprint and you’d like to explore how plastic recycling and recycled plastic products can help you to reach your sustainability goals, get in touch with us.

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