With a clear vision to transform the plastic recycling industry, Bright Green has become one of the largest European producers of recycled compounds. This is partly down to the use of our innovative BrightFusion™ additive.

We developed BrightFusion™ to improve the performance of recycled mixed polyolefins.

PP and PE are immiscible and incompatible in the melt phase. If compounded, the part would have few end uses as the material is inherently weak. The two polymers are often difficult to separate due to their similar densities, presenting a challenge for the recycling industries.

BrightFusion™ guarantees superior mechanical and impact properties for even the most heavily sorted, single source polymers. This means that materials that would not otherwise be compatible can be processed and recycled. It also allows us to recover a higher proportion of plastic waste compared to standard recycling.

Our team of polymer scientists are also able to develop bespoke products to achieve specified physical, mechanical and chemical performance.

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