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Bright Green Plastics started life back in 1992 as a subsidiary of the LINPAC Group Ltd. In 2020, the Bright Green Plastics brand was officially born, and we began changing the face of plastic recycling in the UK.  

The rebrand signified the start of an exciting new era for us, with a dramatic shift in our identity to represent a bold, new ‘pro-plastic’ voice for the industry that aligns perfectly with our mission… 

Our mission  

We believe that we should be recycling all of our plastic waste here in the UK and if we can’t, then we shouldn’t be using it at all. And so, our mission was born; to transform the plastic recycling industry and ensure no plastic waste from the UK goes to landfill or the incinerator. 

With sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s minds, plastic has gained a bad reputation over recent years, but we’re determined to change perceptions by exposing greenwashing and educating people on the importance of plastic and plastic recycling 

How it’s going  

So far, things are going great. Our innovative BrightFusion additive – developed by our team of in-house polymer scientists – improves the performance of recycled plastic and allows materials that were once incompatible, to be processed and recycled. A big step in our planet’s fight against single-use plastics.  

Then there’s our revolutionary PP and PE polymer formula for wheelie bins. The innovative formula transforms recycled plastic into material robust enough to be used for household wheelie bins, which previously could only be made from virgin plastic. Created by our product formulation manager, Jonathan Attwood (or as he’s fondly known on social media, Formulation Man), this breakthrough means that there is now the possibility of a circular economy in the manufacture of household waste bins.  

We can’t forget about our social media reputation either. Leveraging our voice on this platform to educate the community about the value of plastic and plastic recycling, has helped us to reach people far and wide with our plastic positive message. This has led to some interesting online debates, and has positioned us as a voice of reason in a sea of greenwashing.  


We’ve even taken our fight against plastic waste to Downing Street with a petition that urges the government to review its current PRN system and stop plastic waste from the UK being sent overseas to be added to landfills or burnt. The petition was shared with Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak who was encouraged by MP Alec Shelbrooke to put a tax on virgin plastics immediately to stimulate the recycled plastics market. And, we’re not stopping there… 

The future

We’ve got big plans for the years ahead with ambitious investment and expansion programmes intended for 2021. Increasing the capacity at our plastic recycling plant will allow us to recycle even more plastic than we already do and change the future of British recycled plastic, with the aim of reaching 40,000 TPA (up from 30,000) by the end of the year. 

We’re already proud to be industry leaders in plastic recycling as one of Britain’s most socially active plastic recycling companies and one of Europe’s largest recycled compound producers, but there’s always more we can do. After all, there’s a world of plastic out there. 

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