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Good for business and good for the planet. 

At Bright Green plastics we’re proud to contribute to the circular economy with our award-winning plastic waste solutions.  

At our recycling plant in Castleford, we use world-class plastic recycling processes to turn your recycled plastic waste back into a raw material for use by both consumer and commercial customers.  

It is our mission to ensure recycled plastic provides a quality, sustainable and CSR-friendly alternative to virgin plastic.  

In fact, our state-of-the-art recycling facility means we can comfortably recover and process more than 40,000 tonnes of the UK’s plastic waste every year; a figure that has meant we are now one of the fastest growing plastic recyclers in Europe. 

What types of plastic do we recycle? 

The main plastics we recycle are: 

  • Polypropylene (PP) – Pots, trays, tubs, paint pots, food buckets, storage boxes. 
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) – Household bottles, shampoo, bleach, window cleaner, wheelie bins, water pipes, industrial ducting. 

We use our state-of-the-art manufacturing process to re-use and re-purpose post-consumer scrap plastics, transforming them into recycled pellets, ready to be put back into the manufacturing cycle.  

Our patented BrightFusion™  additive 

Where appropriate, our unique BrightFusion™ engineered mineral additive is added to the process. BrightFusion  has been developed to transform recycled plastic into a material that’s imperceptibly close to virgin PP and PE plastic by enabling recycled polyolefins that are usually incompatible to work in harmony together. 

Not only does it allow us to match virgin resin in terms of performance, but in many instances can even outperform virgin resins. 

It is this patented additive that means we can repurpose more plastic than standard recycling companies. 

Why are we different 

Bright Green Plastics are the only recycling supplier that both sorts and segregates post-consumer recycled plastic.  

Our plastic polymers are tried and tested up to seven times before being sent to the extruder (the machine that melts and manufacturers the recycled pellets) before being transformed into recycled compounds. We are also the only supplier who has 100% control of our raw materials, so manufacturers get only the best virgin – like recycled compounds.   

Who we work with? 

Bright Green Plastics work with a wide range of industries and applications including Automotive, Construction, Packaging and Horticulture. 

When you work with Bright Green we can offer you recycled polymer compounding to your agreed specification, this can include specific colours. 

Helping manufacturers avoid the plastic tax 

In April 2022, the government will introduce a UK plastic tax of £200 per tonne. The tax will apply to manufactured or imported plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled material. This is to increase the demand for recycled materials and reduce carbon emissions. The plastic tax will impact manufacturers, importers, their customers and even end consumers. 

We work closely with manufacturers to help them avoid being faced with large plastic tax bills by using recycled plastic compounds and became more environmentally friendly.  

For more information please read our plastic tax guide.  

The future: Research, development and investment. 

Bright Green Plastics are fully invested in R&D and re-investing in our plant.  

It is this, that allows us to continue to increase the rates at which we can recycle plastic that matches the quality and performance of virgin plastic, create our purest ever PP and PE flake and allow us to handle material previously too difficult to handle such as flexible plastics. 

Our Quality Control team are committed to the development of break – through formulations including a revolutionary heavy-duty recycled polymer formula for household wheelie bins. 

We’re working on an ongoing basis to develop bespoke solutions to improve the standards of recycled plastic in the UK and make it easier for firms, across a wide variety of industries, to incorporate recycled materials into their products.   

Committed to raising standards of recycling in the UK 

We are whole-heartedly committed to raising the standards of UK recycling and support the sustainable growth of our industry and the people who work in it.  

Our team are constantly present online when it comes to the benefits of plastic and recycling. Being at the centre of debate surrounding topical issues such as greenwashing and importing, means we can keep the conversation moving and inspire action. 

We aim to work in partnership with manufacturers, brands, research bodies and other organisations to ensure establishing long-term, trusting, collaborative relationships and to bring everyone involved in the recycling process, the very best outcome. 

This is only the beginning.  

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