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plastic scrap


At Bright Green, we’re proud to contribute to the circular economy with our innovative plastic scrap and waste solutions. We do this using a world-class recycling process, which turns recycled plastic back into a raw material for producers. We recycle plastic scrap and supply a range of recycled plastics to both consumer and commercial customers. The main materials we handle include:

  • PP – Pots, trays, tubs, paint pots, food buckets, storage boxes.
  • HDPE – Household bottles, shampoo, bleach, window cleaner, wheelie bins, water pipes, industrial ducting.

From this plastic scrap and waste, we use our state-of-the-art manufacturing process to transform the material into recycled compounds.

Where appropriate, our unique BrightFusion™ engineered mineral additive can be added. This ensures that the recycled polymers can be used in engineered applications.

All products are designed for specifically targeted applications. This means that the material we recycle will always be highly useful for our customers.

We also do custom compounding against an internally defined, controlled specification. In some cases, we can even work to an agreed customer specification. The compounds are suitable for a number of industries, including construction, packaging, automotive and horticulture.

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