How Is Plastic Scrap Recycled?

Do you use plastic in your day to day life? It’s mind blowing to think that as of 2015, more than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic scrap has been produced. Around only 9% of that was recycled, 12% was incinerated and 79% is now living in landfills. Here’s a few other facts about plastic:

As human beings, we use plastics in a variety of applications but sadly, a lot of these plastics are simply discarded after a single use. Plastic pollution is a continuously growing problem for our environment, but how can we all do our bit?

Plastic recycling is the process of recovering plastic scrap and reprocessing the material into, well, another useful product. That’s where we come in! In a world full of waste, at Bright Green we’re making a difference to how plastic is being recycled. How? We’ll tell you…

1. Recycling process

From plastic scrap, our state-of-the-art manufacturing process allows us to transform the material into recycled compounds. And thanks to our unique BrightFusion™ formula, this ensures that the recycled polymers can be used in engineering applications too.

The main plastics we recycle are:

  • Polypropylene – pots, trays, tubs, paint pots, food buckets and storage boxes
  • High-Density Polyethylene – household bottles, shampoo, bleach, window cleaner, wheelie bins, water pipes and industrial ducting

You can find out more about the plastic scrap Bright Green recycle, here.

2. Advanced technology

By working with the very latest technology, we can make sure we keep perfectly good, recyclable plastic scrap in the UK – which is a step in the right direction. In fact, at Bright Green we’re proud to recycle up to 40,000 tonnes of household and commercial plastic scrap each year.

3. Sorting plant

Having recently opened its doors in July 2020, our brand-new sorting plant will allow us to take bales of mixed plastics and 3D materials and sort them by polymer type, colour and sift out any other waste. The new sorting plant will also bring commercial benefits to Bright Green as we’ll be able to increase our supply of high quality, sorted materials.

Sadly, not enough plastic scrap is being recycled year-on-year and we’re on a mission to change this. If you’d like to find out more about how Bright Green Plastics could help you make better use of plastics recycling, get in touch with the team today.