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Sustainability Stores: Supermarkets vs. Plastic

Plastic is everywhere and is used for almost everything. According to the experts, UK supermarkets create around 800,000 tonnes of plastic scrap every year. So, how will sustainability stores help…

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Is oxo degradability the answer to plastic pollution?

Bright Green Plastics’ technical manager, Dr. Sam Hill, looks at the big picture. Additives that are supposedly meant to accelerate the oxo-degradability of polyolefin plastics, when they are littered or…

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Plastic Scrap – Why It’s The Ideal Building Material

Plastic scrap has become an increasingly popular material in building construction, making it the ideal building material. But why? Plastic scrap in construction As there are numerous types of plastic…

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How Is Plastic Recycled? Key Facts About Plastic

Do you use plastic in your day to day life? It’s mind blowing to think that as of 2015, more than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic scrap has been produced.…

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Getting to grips with Polymer Recycling

Recycling polymers is a fantastic way to reduce environmental issues caused by the accumulation of plastic scrap. Not only does polymer recycling reduce the amount of plastic waste on the…

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