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PRNs explained (in plain language)

Along with COVID-19, the climate emergency and plastic recycling, PRNs – otherwise known as plastic recovery notes – are at the top of the news agenda right now. However, many people, even…

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What plastic can be recycled by Bright Green Plastics?

Here at Bright Green Plastics, our goal is to repurpose plastic for the greater good! Over the last decade, the discussion around plastics has largely been around the negative impact…

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Bright Green Plastics secures £6million funding facility

Bibby Financial Services (BFS), an independent SME funder, has provided a £6million funding facility to Bright Green Plastics. Chris Farnworth and Danny Monksfield, of Bibby Financial Services’ Corporate team, were…

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Everything you need to know about the UK plastic tax 

In April 2022, the government will introduce a UK tax on ALL plastic packaging which doesn’t contain at least 30% recycled materials as an incentive to drive a demand for…

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IMERPLAST reveals new brand identity

IMERPLAST has rebranded to ‘Bright Green’ to signify the start of a new era for the company and re-establish its status as one of the UK’s leading plastic recycling companies. The team has announced a new identity including an eye-catching logo and striking green and purple colour scheme,…

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