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Getting to grips with Polymer Recycling

Recycling polymers is a fantastic way to reduce environmental issues caused by the accumulation of plastic scrap. Not only does polymer recycling reduce the amount of plastic waste on the…

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Five Things That Are Wrong with the PRN System 

Many UK plastic reprocessing companies, like us, believe the current PRN (packaging recovery note) and PERN (packaging export recovery note) system will, if left unchecked, jeopardise the future of the recycling industry,…

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How we make Recycled Plastic Compound

At Bright Green Plastics, we are experts in plastic recycling and work with a wide range of industries including Automotive, Construction, Packaging and Horticulture, to develop innovative and cost-effective applications…

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PRNs explained (in plain language)

Along with COVID-19, the climate emergency and plastic recycling, PRNs – otherwise known as plastic recovery notes – are at the top of the news agenda right now. However, many people, even…

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What plastic can be recycled by Bright Green Plastics?

Here at Bright Green Plastics, our goal is to repurpose plastic for the greater good! Over the last decade, the discussion around plastics has largely been around the negative impact…

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