Plastic Scrap – The Ideal Building Material

Plastic scrap has become an increasingly popular material in building construction, making it the ideal building material. But why?

Plastic scrap in construction

As there are numerous types of plastic scrap that can be recycled, all with different performance levels and properties. This means they can meet the exact needs of applications – such as corrosion protection or thermal insulation. Plastics are strong, durable, easy to mould, waterproof, lightweight and more importantly, recyclable – the key properties for construction materials.

Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that plastic scrap recycling is very restricted, in that only a few types of plastic can be recycled. That’s not necessarily the case.

You can learn more about our plastic recycling process, here.

A sustainable built environment

Buildings are commonly the largest user of energy, which means they’re also the largest emitter of CO2 in the EU. It’s therefore so important to keep energy efficiency in mind when renovating or constructing buildings. In fact, the use of fossil fuel energy during the building phase is by far the biggest contributor to a building’s environmental impact.

The benefits…

We’re sure Kevin from Grand Designs will agree with us when we say that energy-efficient buildings last longer and require low maintenance. Over time, they achieve a low-energy demand and in return, have low CO2 emissions. This is where plastic scrap for construction comes into play – and why it’s the ideal building material.

Using recycled plastic scrap is energy and resource-efficient and what’s more, they provide a quality performance. This means they keep buildings dry and warm, all while being cost-effective for the building’s lifecycle. Sounds good?

Does plastic scrap hold the key?

It’s estimated that the UK produces around 1.7 million tonnes per year. Around 50% of plastic produced world-wide is for single-use purposes only. Just think, it’s used for a few moments but for the planet, it lasts for several hundred years.

Yes, plastic scrap is a massive problem for our planet but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it. At Bright Green, we’re making a difference to the way plastic is recycled. By using recycled plastic scrap in construction projects means we’re saving natural resources from being taken from the environment, where they naturally belong.

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