Sustainability Stores: Shops vs. Plastic

Plastic is everywhere and is used for almost everything. According to the experts, UK supermarkets create around 800,000 tonnes of plastic scrap every year. So, how will sustainability stores help our on-going plastic problem?

Supermarkets vs. Plastic

While the idea of plastic-free shopping sounds very appealing, it’s virtually impossible to avoid plastic in packaging – especially at the supermarket! According to Greenpeace UK, 7 out of 10 supermarkets increased their plastic footprint in 2019. But that’s not the case for all of them…

Turning supermarkets into sustainability stores

In the supermarket’s bid to reduce waste by 50% and produce zero carbon emissions by 2040, Asda has recently opened the doors to its trail sustainability store. What’s on offer? The new outlet – opened in Middleton, Leeds – will sell household essentials such as teabags and cereals via refillable containers. The trail sustainability store also features loose and unwrapped produce, paper wrapping and recycling points throughout.

Asda hopes that the new sustainability store will encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle – saving an estimated one million pieces of plastic from being used each year. The supermarket has also partnered with some of the UK’s top household brands including PG Tips, Kellogg’s, Vimto, Persil and Radox.

Greener at Asda Price

To encourage customers to shop sustainably, Asda have also launched their ‘Greener at Asda Price’ price promise. This means that loose and unwrapped products will not cost more than the wrapped equivalents.

The new store also includes the following:

  • 15 HUGE refill stations – including popular brands of shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, soaps, shower gel and food products
  • 53 fresh produce lines (sold in loose or unwrapped format) – including 29 new lines such as apples, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.
  • All Asda plants and flowers are either sold unwrapped or with paper wrapping
  • Removal of the outer plastic wrapping on several popular multipacks
  • Reverse vending machine – for cans, plastic and glass drinks bottles
  • Will showcase sustainable fashion lines through George and more!

Would you shop sustainable?

Asda isn’t the only shop rolling out sustainability stores. There are a number of smaller, independent retailers who have adopted this reduce, reuse and recycle attitude. You never know, there could be one just around the corner from you. In a recent report from Shoppercentric reveals that 80% of UK shoppers describe themselves as ‘environmentally friendly’, with 56% claiming to actively avoid particular types of packaging.

About Bright Green

At Bright Green Plastics, we work hard to reduce the degradation of our planet by turning post-consumer materials into recycled pellets and compounds. From this plastic scrap and waste, we use our state-of-the-art manufacturing process to transform the material into recycled compounds.

In a world full of waste, we’re making a difference to the way plastic scrap is recycled. To learn more about what we do, click HERE.